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Head of Sales

Now hiring an experienced convenience sales leader to take Pzaz nationwide.

Pzaz is a venture-backed consumer goods and technology company developing superior alternatives to energy drinks and shots. Our breath spray is the world's most effective, portable, and fun way to wake up. Since launching in the summer of 2022, we've expanded to more than 200 retailers across the United States including a partnership with Urban Outfitters.

We are based in New York City and obsessed with taking the revenue and shelf space from outdated and unappealing legacy energy brands. Our team and advisors bring experience from companies including Red Bull, 5 Hour Energy, and PepsiCo.

Head of Sales

Pzaz is seeking to hire an experienced Head of Sales with relevant leadership experience in the category and at early-stage consumer brands. This person will work collaboratively with the founder, exceeding expectations for high-level sales initiatives and executions.


Specifically, this Head of Sales will manage outreach, account growth, relationships, Purchase Orders, planogram development and execution in channels including:

  • New York City independent convenience and bodegas (managing salespeople and securing a local or regional c-store distributor)
  • Urban Outfitters (managing existing relationship and securing repurchases and optimal merchandising)
  • Instant delivery platforms (GoPuff, Gorillas, DoorDash Convenience, UberEats, etc)
  • Regional convenience chains (Wawa, Sheets,) and associated distributor relationships
  • National convenience and gas chains (7/11, Store24, Mobil, etc) and associated distributors
  • Box box retailers including CVS, Walgreens, Walmart, and Target — and associated brokers / distributors


A successful candidate will be passionate about the product, brand, and market opportunity; able to think and move quickly; excellent at recruitment and team management; suited to cross-functional work with small and growing teams; and excited to set and convey goals with the team. They should also be comfortable working with Legal on purchase order and planogram contracts, and working with Operations on demand forecasting and logistics.


Starting compensation: $100k base, with performance bonuses up to 300% of base compensation, and equity options reflective of an executive-track position.


want to wake up?

Pzaz is a breath spray with caffeine and vitamins for perfect on-the-go energy.

berry blast

“Refreshing and tart with the taste of juicy summer strawberries. So delicious and convenient!!”

mint frost

“Icy fresh breath with a kick of energy...better than gum, mints, coffee, and energy drinks combined.”

super sour

“Mouth puckering deliciousness. The green apple sour spray of my dreams. 6 sprays and I’m energized af.”


Caffeine +

Caffeine + L-Theanine

Derived from green tea leaves for a natural burst of power and focus.

Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12

Maximize cellular energy, better metabolizizing glucose and carbs.



Support your metabolism, immunity, and muscular function.



Hydrate and recharge your body.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C

Fight fatigue and brain fog while supporting your immune system.

Zero Calories

Zero Calories

Vegan, zero sugar, naturally flavored.