Pzaz is a venture-backed consumer goods and technology company completely reimagining what an energy product should look, feel, and taste like. Our pocketable Energy Mist™ makes caffeine more delicious, effective, safe, and sharable than ever before. We are based in New York City and obsessed with creatively revitalizing an entire consumer goods category while driving unprecedented value for retailers and consumers.


Read below for some of our current open positions. College student? Click here to check out current ambassadorships and content partnership roles.



We’re looking for a highly communicative and skilled designer to help us build a generation-defining brand by ideating and executing various video, print, and digital assets. You should have creative proficiency in Blender, Houdini, Maya, and/or Cinema 4D, as well as Adobe Creative Suite (including After Effects / Premiere ) and Figma. You should have experience and significant interest working as part of a small and driven team.


Email careers@pzaz.com with a relevant CV and interest.




We are looking for someone to creatively and efficiently acquire zazzy customers across email marketing, SMS marketing, OOH, Google ads, TapJoy ads, Snapchat, TikTok, and Instagram. This person will work closely with our brand, community, and design teams to ideate and execute marketing campaigns around seasonal initiatives, launch goals, customer profiles, and more.


Cash and equity compensation will reflect the early-stage nature of the opportunity.


Email careers@pzaz.com with a relevant CV and interest.




Pzaz is seeking a leader with 5+ years experience managing omnichannel sales of convenience products. You should be comfortable and excited about working with big-box retailers, independent c-stores, digital marketplaces, and everything in between. You will be responsible for:

  • owning our national go-to-market sales strategy
  • hiring and managing sales representatives and merchandisers
  • navigating pitches and deal pipelines with distributors and buyers at national retailers across convenience, gas, travel, digital delivery, and more.


This position has managerial elements to it. Early on, you will be in charge of growing, incentivizing, and evaluating a team of NYC-based sales representatives to exceed c-store sales and placement expectations week over week. You will work with vendors, distributors, and sales reps to optimize merchandising visibility and sell-through velocity across all accounts. You will work in close communications with the brand, operations, and finance teams to ensure accurate forecasting and analysis. 


Cash and equity compensation will reflect the early-stage nature of the opportunity.


Email careers@pzaz.com with a relevant CV and interest.



Half-time, NYC preferred.

Pzaz is seeking a talented engineer and developer interested in building a generation-defining consumer brand. This person should have 2+ years of high-speed front-end development experience in Shopify (Liquid/JS/HTML/CSS), Google Analytics, and Python. Exposure to Klaviyo, Gorgias, web3, and more is a plus.


This person should complete projects and suggest new ones three times faster than anyone else thinks is possible. 


Cash and equity compensation will reflect the early-stage nature of the opportunity.


Email careers@pzaz.com with a relevant CV and interest.



Do you eat spreadsheets for breakfast? Look forward to staying up all night negotiating with overseas suppliers? Enjoy helping manufacturers produce faster and better? We're looking for someone to crack the proverbial whip and optimize every Pzaz SKU from demand until fulfillment. 


You should have meaningful ops experience at a growth stage omnichannel consumer goods business in a relevant industry such as food, beverage, supplements, cosmetics, or wellness. You should be comfortable swimming in alphabet soup like OTIF, SOP, BOM, FOB, and BOL. You should be excited about joining an early-stage startup where you’ll constantly crush a frenetic ever-changing set of tasks including team management and organizational development.


Cash and equity compensation will reflect the early-stage nature of the opportunity. 


Email careers@pzaz.com with a relevant CV and interest.





Do you have 2+ years of c-store retail sales experience? We are looking for talented and driven sales representatives to help us distribute and merchandise Pzaz at convenience retailers and beyond.  You’ll be working closely with our operations and product team, establishing relationships with local distributors (convenience stores, bodegas, grocery stores, gyms, clubs, etc.) in a given territory. You will be expected to effectively pitch and close new business, manage existing accounts, and increase the visibility, availability, and presence of Pzaz. This will be a fast paced, relationship-driven business that requires empathy, strategic sales ability, and a deep knowledge of our brand and product.


Base, commission, and equity compensation will reflect the early-stage nature of the opportunity. With exceptional performance, this role can grow into a full-time regional position.


Email careers@pzaz.com with a relevant CV and interest.





Pzaz is proud to be an Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action employer. All employment is decided on the basis of qualifications, merit, and business need. We celebrate diversity and do not discriminate based upon race, religion, color, national origin, gender (including pregnancy, childbirth, or related medical conditions), sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, age, status as a protected veteran, status as an individual with a disability, or other applicable legally protected characteristics.

      The caffeinated breath spray that really wakes you up.

      4 TUBES OF:


      • PEACH BOMB
      • SOUR APPLE

      HOW OFTEN?

      • ONE TIME PURCHASE: $20
      • EVERY MONTH (SAVE 20%)
      • EVERY 2 WEEKS (SAVE 25%)

        🔋   Power up quickly and on the go

        ⚡️   Natural caffeine and electrolytes

        🌱   0 calories, sugar-free, and vegan

        💸   $0.05 per spray; subscribe for gifts

        ⭐️   98% of reviewers say it works

        Power up responsibly: Pzaz is made using previously recycled plastic, and for every tube sold, two tubes' worth of litter is removed from the environment.

        frequently asked questions

        what is pzaz

        Pzaz Energy Mist is a patent-pending breath spray that wakes you up.

        It’s more effective, efficient, safe, sharable,, and environmentally friendly than any energy drink or shot.

        zero Calories + Vegan

        How many calories does Pzaz have?

        Spray all day 🤓 — Pzaz Energy Mist has zero calories.

        Pzaz is also vegan, gluten-free, and sugar-free — and always uses only natural flavors.

        designed to really work

        Unlike a traditional beverage or supplement, Pzaz delivers a proprietary blend of natural caffeine, electrolytes, and vitamins in a highly bioavailable mist.

        Taste five mists and feel your body efficiently absorb these active ingredients through the membranes in your tongue and mouth.

        The cost of Pzaz

        How much does a tube of Pzaz cost? 

        One tube of Pzaz Energy Mist costs $5. Welcome to the most affordable way to power up.

        Free goodies are included with repeat orders, starting with a temporary tattoo on your second pack. What else? Expect zazzy condoms, trucker hats, lighters, fanny packs, tank tops, and more.


        Do real people actually like Pzaz?



        The taste of Pzaz

        Pzaz tastes like it wakes you up. Every zero-calorie mist is naturally sweetened and packed with energy.

        If you find Pzaz bitter, congratulations, you have taste buds. Caffeine is bitter af. Grow tf up.

        active ingredients

        What's in Pzaz? Our proprietary PowerUp™ energy blend contains caffeine and l-theanine from green tea leaves, electrolytes, vitamin c and zinc.

        Pzaz delivers these energizing and rejuvenating ingredients in an unprecendently efficient format: taste five mists to experience a smooth micro-dose of energy with no crash or jitters.


        Super simple and truly zero calories ✨✨✨


        Pzaz is flavored with 100% natural flavors extracted from real fruits and botanicals.


        Pzaz is made in New York in compliance with the FDA's Good Manufacturing Practices. Our ingredients, manufacturing processes, and labor standards are constantly tested, monitored, and improved.


        The Pzaz difference

        How is Pzaz different from a coffee, energy drink, or energy shot?

        Pzaz is a mist, not a drink.

        Take it anywhere, use it instantly, and moderate your level of energy. You can share Pzaz with anyone, never need to pee, and enjoy a smooth burst of focus. No jitters. No crash. Only pure zazziness.

        How to use Pzaz

        Caffeine works best if you use small amounts multiple times per day. 

        Taste five mists of Pzaz and then spray all day. You'll feel an amazing burst of positive energy that dissipates smoothly with no crash or jitters.


        Pzaz is designed to be the safest, quickest, and most efficient way to metabolize energy throughout the day.

        Our mist technology delivers thousands of easily-absorbed droplets of potent, ultra-effective, and instantly absorbed micro-doses of caffeine and other active ingredients

        Efficiency is safety: an entire bottle of Pzaz actually has less caffeine than most coffee drinks, energy drinks, and energy shots.

        where to use pzaz

        Pzaz is the most portable source of energy. Get zazzy on planes, rockets, stages, UFOs, skateboards, roller blades, roller coasters, water slides, sex swings, bowling alleys, and barbershops.

        Can you travel with energy drinks? Energy drinks and shots are hard to carry in a pocket or purse — and you definitely can't take them through airport security.



        To update or pause your zaz-o-matic subscriptions, simply check your email for any order confirmation messages.

        1) In any order confirmation email, tap on "MANAGE ORDER" to go to view your account.

        2) Tap on "MANAGE ZAZOMATIC" and we'll email you a one-time, super-secure link where you can update or indefinitely pause your zaz-o-matic.

        This is the fastest multi-step process to verify your identity and ensure that only you can control your data and credit card purchases.


        Designed for positive impact

        Every tube of Pzaz Energy Mist is recyclable and manufactured with post-consumer recycled plastic.

        Pzaz lasts much longer and uses much less energy to produce, transport, and recycle than an equivalent number of energy drinks.

        In addition, our shipping is carbon-neutralized via tree-planting initiatives, and this website is hosted on servers powered by wind turbines.

        Acknowledging litter

        "Don't you know people will still litter this? 😖"

        We won't greenwash: even though Pzaz is recyclable and made from previously recycled plastic waste, we know some of you are real bumass dumbasses who will throw Pzaz in the trash, or worse, just litter it.

        That’s why we’ve chosen to become the only energy product certified Plastic Negative. 

        Every purchase of Pzaz directly funds the removal and proper recycling of 200% of our environmental impact.

        plastic negative certified

        What does it mean to be Plastic Negative certified?

        For every tube of Pzaz sold, two tubes worth of plastic litter are removed from the earth.

        Through our partnership with rePurpose Global, we redistribute our revenue to marginalized waste workers around the world, allowing them to ethically reclaim and dispose of low-value plastic waste. This is plastic that would otherwise be landfilled, burned, or flushed into waterways and oceans.

        quantifying our impact

        We’ve barely launched, but the Zazzyland community has already removed more than 1000 pounds of plastic litter from waterways and urban landfills around the world.

        That’s the equivalent of more than 29,00 littered energy drink bottles or more than 55,000 candy bar wrappers.

        In the process, you’ve helped us provide waste management workers around the world with living wages and an environmentally ethical job.

        Verifying our impact

        To ensure that we are creating genuinely positive environmental and social impact, our partner rePurpose Global employs strict verification measures.

        They conduct spontaneous spot-checks at recycling facilities, provide detailed reports on plastic recovery and offset, and ensure that their Plastic Offset Protocol is followed with total precision.

        The Protocol consists of operational guidelines that help waste management partners carry out their recycling operations in an ethical and efficient manner, ultimately maximizing our positive impact on the ground.


        Contact Us

        Still need help? Email us help@pzaz.com or text us (877) 562-6417. We're usually awake.

        Too old to text? Call our office at (929)-374-2501 or send us 🐌 mail to our office: Pzaz, Inc. — 20 Exchange Place, Suite 209, New York NY 10005.


        Have some very zazzy parties and events going on? Email friends@pzaz.com with any opportunities to collaborate.

        Free huge tattoos

        Want a giant zaz tattoo? We're paying for yours, as long as it's larger than ten inches long. Email friends@pzaz.com 🤓


        If you're a current university student in the United States, click here to check out our current college ambassadorships and content roles.


        Ooh! A zazzy entrepreneur! Visit pzaz.com/careers to learn about our company and view some opportunities to join the team.


        All statements on this website have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. Pzaz Energy Mist is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

        Always use Pzaz Energy Mist responsibly. Ask a doctor if you either have any concerns about, or previously had a concerning reaction to any of the ingredients in Pzaz. Usage not recommended if pregnant, nursing, or under 16 years of age. 

        “Fast,” “fast-acting,” and ”instant” reflect product design and usage rather than effect: individual effects may vary.

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        Pzaz® Energy Mist is absolutely not affiliated with any existing food, beverage, or energy brand, including but not limited to Red Bull GMBH® 🤢 Living Essentials 5 HOUR ENERGY® 😷 Bang® Energy or 🤮 G FUEL®.

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