How do I gain social media experience at college?

Want the best college internship in the world?

College internships and ambassadorships are usually lame and boring — not ours.  We are looking for zazzy individuals at schools across the United States to join team Pzaz and create the energy product of our generation. If you are entrepreneurial and looking to build your resume with an easy, part-time, remote college gig, these positions are the perfect fit for you. Zaz up your semester in a manageable way while gaining valuable startup experience at a venture-backed company – learning about business, marketing, sales, and content creation.


Our ideal team is extremely diverse and chock full of extraordinarily zazzy individuals: 🐢 focused and thoughtful  🐇  nimble sprinters  🐝  team players 🦉  insightful 24/7  🦑  quirky geniuses  🐛 with hella boots on the ground. 


If you'd like to apply to make it onto our roster, please email your resume and a brief message to



College Ambassador — Zaz University

Remote position — 5hrs/week, report to Community Team

We're not looking for some clowns to just drop a coupon code in their IG bio and call it a day. We are looking for zazzy individuals who are ready to get their hands sticky and spread the word about Pzaz on their college campus. You should be interested in consumer goods, CPG, retail strategy, startups, venture capital, and more. Specifically, you'll be:

  • Receiving boatloads of free Pzaz, including unreleased flavors and collaborations, and relaying feedback to our founding team.

  • Bringing Pzaz to the best events, activities, parties, and people on campus.

  • Taking jaw-droppingly zazzy photos/videos of students zazzing up and adding select assets into our content database.

  • Establishing relationships with your campus' best convenience stores and bringing them boxes of Pzaz to put at their checkout counters.

  • Maintaining positive relationships with local convenience store owners and managers, encouraging them to order more Pzaz. Perks to come if you can secure reorders 🤑



TikTok Content Creator

Remote position — 3 hours per week.

If you are TikTok savvy, brutally funny, astonishingly quirky, and zazzy as fuck, we have the perfect opportunity for you. This is a remote, part-time opportunity to join our growing startup. You'll report to our founding team and should be:

  • An undergrad interested in exploring content creation/social media

  • Knowledgeable about TikTok, current trending topics and soundtracks, cultural moments

  • Ready to pump out at least 5-10 TikToks per week for the @pzazenergy TikTok account

  • Excited to test, analyze, and iterate on different ideas, figuring out which types of ZazToks best engage our community and garner the most attention and interaction

  • Luvs Pzaz <3


Discord Royalty

Remote position — 3 hours per week.

Do you spend far too much time on Discord? know of the hottest communities for gaming, playing, studying, chatting, working, and more? We want you to help us zazzify Discord communities across America. This is a remote, part-time opportunity to join our growing startup. You'll report to our founding team and should be:

  • An undergrad interested in startups and community marketing

  • A lover of Pzaz who deeply understands our brand voice

  • Someone with years of experience hanging out in Discord 

  • Ready to spend 20 minutes per day introducing folks to Pzaz throughout various communities

  • Excited to test, analyze, and iterate on different ideas, reporting back to our leadership team every week on findings and pivots.