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Chef Crafted Flavors

Updated: March 14, 2023
Written by: Pzaz Team

Energy drinks and supplements have become a popular way to boost energy levels and stay alert, but their unpleasant taste can be a turnoff for many people. Most energy products are developed with the goal of maximizing caffeine levels, with little regard for flavor. Pzaz was founded by a chef, and develops formulations and flavors using a team of chefs, chemists, and food scientists.

Pzaz approaches formulation and flavor development in a unique way. Our team combines the scientific expertise of food scientists and chemists with the artistry and intuition of seasoned chefs to create a product that is both delicious and functional. Chefs are trained to consider not just the taste of an ingredient, but also its texture, aroma, and appearance. This multidisciplinary approach allows us to take a holistic view of flavor, considering the interplay between different ingredients and how they interact with the human palate. 

Pzaz's flavor team is not just limited to chefs, however. The team also includes food scientists and chemists who are experts in the chemistry of taste. These experts can identify the specific molecules responsible for certain flavor notes and can use this knowledge to develop new and innovative flavors. By combining the expertise of chefs, food scientists, and chemists, we've been able to create an energy product with no bitterness, no calories, and no artificial flavors.

Most energy products rely on artificial sweeteners and flavorings to mask the bitterness of caffeine. These artificial ingredients can leave an unpleasant aftertaste and may not be suitable for all consumers. Pzaz takes a different approach, using a blend of various sweet-tasting flavors to create a just-sweet-enough, uniquely delicious breath spray that you would never guess has caffeine in it. Pzaz's natural sweetening strategies are confidential and proprietary, but the result is a product that is free from the drawbacks of artificial sweeteners and flavorings.

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want to wake up?

Pzaz is a breath spray with caffeine and vitamins for perfect on-the-go energy.

berry blast

“Refreshing and tart with the taste of juicy summer strawberries. So delicious and convenient!!”

mint frost

“Icy fresh breath with a kick of energy...better than gum, mints, coffee, and energy drinks combined.”

super sour

“Mouth puckering deliciousness. The green apple sour spray of my dreams. 6 sprays and I’m energized af.”


Caffeine +

Caffeine + L-Theanine

Derived from green tea leaves for a natural burst of power and focus.

Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12

Maximize cellular energy, better metabolizizing glucose and carbs.



Support your metabolism, immunity, and muscular function.



Hydrate and recharge your body.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C

Fight fatigue and brain fog while supporting your immune system.

Zero Calories

Zero Calories

Vegan, zero sugar, naturally flavored.