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Pzaz is a revolutionary breath spray with caffeine and vitamins. Our research team comprises chemists, material scientists, chefs, and academics. Below are some frequently asked questions and answers.

The Basics

  • How does Pzaz work?

    Pzaz gives you fast, clean energy with no crash or jitters.

    Every spray contains a highly bioavailable blend of caffeine and vitamins that your body absorbs much faster and more efficiently than with any other beverage or supplement.

  • How much does Pzaz cost?

    One tube of Pzaz costs $3.99, which means every serving costs only $0.40.

    Unlock lower pricing by purchasing more than one flavor online, or by visiting our retailers using applicable promotions.

  • How many sprays should I take?

    Taste 5 sprays and see how you feel.

    Depending on your caffeine sensitivity, you can do 1-2 or 6-8 sprays. An entire bottle of Pzaz still contains less caffeine than many dangerous leading energy drinks.

  • How many calories are in Pzaz?

    None 🤝 Pzaz has zero calories, zero sugar, and zero artificial flavors.

  • What flavors does Pzaz come in?

    Pzaz comes in three delectable flavors: super sour, berry blast, and mint frost.

    We also occasionally release limited edition flavors :-)

  • Where is Pzaz manufactured?

    Our research team develops and tests our formulations in New York City. Then, our product is manufactured at a nearby facility registered with the FDA and in compliance with federally recognized Good Manufacturing Practices.


  • What is microdosing?

    Most supplements deliver clinically excessive amounts of active ingredients in one giant dose. Often, they are combined with sugars and fats.

    Microdosing is the act of consuming very small amounts of active ingredients to unlock their optimal effects with no crash or side effects.

    When you microdose any ingredient, you unlock an ability to ___ ___ ___.

  • Why microdose caffeine?

    Pzaz lets you microdose caffeine: take very small amounts, bit by bit, throughout the day, with zero crash or jitters.

    Studies have shown that microdosing caffeine can ___ _____ ___ ___ .

    Go on and explain further

  • What are the potential benefits to microdosing?

Order Issues

  • Where is my Pzaz?

    Every order ships with a tracking number! Email us with your order number if you think we can help you with a package :-)

  • Do you really have a Money Back Guarantee?

    Yes, we really do. Click here to read the full terms and conditions of our Returns and Refunds policies.


  • What is the Pzaz bottle made from?

    Pzaz spray bottles are manufactured using previously recycled plastic waste.

    Our bottles are designed to deliver energy with far less of a water, material, and carbon impact on the environment than with any energy drink or bottled beverage.

  • Can I recycle Pzaz?

    Check with your local waste management protocols, but Pzaz is fully recyclable in many municipalities.

  • Do you have any future sustainability initiatives?

    Yes! We are always working on sourcing more environmentally friendly ingredients, supporting clean and fair manufacturers, and developing revolutionary bio-plastics and algae-based alternatives to plastic.

    We also work to lobby governments to minimize the variety of plastic allowed and better encourage circularity like with aluminum.

  • What does your Plastic Negative™ certification mean?

    For every tube sold, we ensure that two tubes worth of plastic litter are removed from the earth.

    This means that using Pzaz always has a net negative effect on the amount of plastic waste circulating in landfills and waterways around the world.

    We do this in partnership with RePurpose Global and women-owned waste management companies around the world.

    So far, we've removed the equivalent of hundreds of thousands of littered energy drinks and coffees.


  • Why does Pzaz taste so much better than an energy drink?

    Maxxie and Jonah whippin in the kitchen

  • Do you use artificial flavors?


  • What sweeteners do you use?

    Our flavor team and energy chemists have developed a revolutionary blend of natural flavors that sweeten Pzaz and mask the bitterness of caffeine.

    We also experiment with natural derivatives of sugar such as zero-calorie sucralose.