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What’s pzaz?

Tired of energy drinks and shots?, We built the most portable, fun, safe, delicious, effective, and sustainable way to power up.

Pzaz is a caffeinated breath spray that really wakes you up.

why would I use this?

Keep days of energy in your pocket. No jitters, no need to pee, no crash. Every mist delivers instant and ultra-smooth bursts of focus and power.


One tube of Pzaz costs $5 and gives you days of energy. It’s the most affordable way to power up.

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Pzaz is veganzero-caloriegluten-free, and sugar-free.

Every mist contains natural caffeine and l-theanine from green tea leaves, electrolytesvitamin c and zinc.

Besides that, you'll find purified watercitric acidnatural flavors, and potassium sorbate.

It’s not bitter?

Pzaz utilizes proprietary natural flavor technology which masks the bitterness of caffeine unlike anything else.

Every flavor is carefully calibrated to be delicious even for people who find coffee bitter or energy drinks gross.

how is Pzaz made?

Pzaz is made in New York in compliance with the FDA's Good Manufacturing Practices. Our ingredients, manufacturing processes, and labor standards are constantly tested, monitored, and improved.

Instant energy technology

How is it so efficient?

Every spray of Pzaz contains thousands of highly bioavailable droplets of caffeine, electrolytes, vitamin C, and zinc. Your body absorbs these active ingredients far more quickly and efficiently than if you swallowed and digested a liquid or pill.

Efficiency is safety: an entire bottle of Pzaz actually has less caffeine than most coffee drinks, energy drinks, and energy shots.

94% of our focus testers say it works for them unlike anything else.

How do I use it?

Caffeine works best if consumed in small amounts multiple times per day. 

Pull the cap off, stick your tongue out, and taste five mists of Pzaz.

You'll feel an amazing burst of energy that dissipates smoothly with no crash or jitters.

Then, spray all day or night as needed.

when should I use it?

Pzaz is the perfect for on-the-go moments: working, working out, traveling, partying, studying, playing, and more.

Pzaz fans


what's the Climate Impact?

Pzaz is a climate positive way to power up. One tube lasts much longer and uses much less energy to produce, transport, and recycle than an equivalent number of energy drinks.

Every tube is made with repurposed and previously recycled plastic waste.

What are you doing about litter?

There is unfortunately no denying that some people will throw Pzaz in the trash, or worse, litter it.

To proactively this reality, Pzaz has partnered with RePurpose Global to ensure that for every tube sold, two tubes worth of plastic litter are removed from the earth.

This partnership makes Pzaz a Plastic Negative™ Certified product, whereby each unit sold causes a net reduction in plastic litter around the world.

How are your efforts verified?

Our partner RePurpose Global constantly verifies that our material impact on the earth has been truly 200% offset. Specifically, they verify that every purchase has subsidized the cost for waste workers around the world to ethically reclaim and dispose of low-value plastic waste — litter that would otherwise be landfilled, burned, or flushed into waterways and oceans.

So far, our community has helped us remove the equivalent of more than 44,000 littered energy drink bottles or more than 81,000 littered candy bar wrappers.



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Always use Pzaz responsibly. Ask a doctor if you either have any concerns about or previously had a concerning reaction to any of the ingredients in Pzaz. Usage not recommended if pregnant, nursing, or under 16 years of age. 

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