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Energy shots are dead. Generate more profit per square inch with Pzaz, the superior energy impulse purchase for next-generation consumers.

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Consumers’ new daily essential

Pzaz is the most portable, fast-acting, and delicious energy product of all time.

Microdose energy technology

3 sprays or 30? Only Pzaz breath spray lets you control your energy throughout the day.

A superior impulse brand

More profit per square inch than Hershey’s, 5 Hour Energy, and Wrigley.

Built for retail

Affordable, shelf stable, merchandising options for checkout, in-line or in clip strips.

Next-generation formulation

0 calories, 100% natural flavors, zero sugar, vegan, and made in the USA.

For anyone, anywhere

You don’t need to be an energy drink consumer to love Pzaz.