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Caffeine Jitters

Updated: September 23, 2023
Written by: Bradley Carver

How to Avoid Caffeine Jitters

Have you ever had a massive cup of coffee and then felt like your heart was pounding? Can’t sit in your seat and feel a loss of focus after your morning energy drink? Sounds like a case of the jitters. Anyone who’s ever drank an energy drink or had one too many cups of coffee has experienced similar negative symptoms. The jitters can leave you feeling antsy, unfocused, anxious, and eager for you to feel normal again.

Caffeine is considered one of the safest drugs that many consume daily. There are plenty of benefits to using caffeine, like this study that claims that coffee consumption can even reduce your risk of liver cancer. If you consume too much caffeine, however, you can be left with a nasty case of the jitters. Continue reading to discover how to avoid the jitters with new ways to consume caffeine. 

What Causes the Jitters

The most common reason people get the jitters is from consuming too much caffeine in a short period of time. Everyone has their own tolerance to caffeine depending on how frequently they consume it. Once you’ve exceeded your caffeine tolerance, you’ll start to feel the uneasy symptoms of the jitters. 

Many folks tend to forget that coffee isn’t the only source of caffeine. Soda, energy drinks, and even dark chocolate all contain caffeine. These sources of caffeine can add up in your system quickly if you aren’t mindful of what you are consuming. If you want to reduce the odds of getting the jitters, you’ll need to be vigilant about how much caffeine you are consuming daily and how you consume it. 

It’s not wise to ingest more than 400mg of caffeine in a day, especially if you don’t consume caffeine regularly. But just because you haven’t had four cups of coffee yet, doesn’t mean you are immune to the jitters. Sometimes you’ll end up drinking only two cups and feel a bit on edge. This is because caffeine is absorbed differently into your system depending on how you’ve consumed it. 

What To Do If You Have The Jitters  

The jitters aren’t dangerous, though you can feel anxious if you are sensitive to caffeine. Like alcohol, there isn’t much you can do besides waiting for the caffeine to clear from your system. According to a blog post by Cleveland Clinic, Caffeine takes up to an hour to peak in your blood and around six hours for half of it to be cleared from your body. 

The first and obvious step to take is to stop consuming caffeine from all sources if you are suffering from the jitters. Make sure to pay attention to what you eat and drink for the remainder of the day to avoid extending your jitters episode.

Next, make sure that you are hydrated. This won’t cure the jitters, but can reduce dehydration symptoms. Caffeine is a mild diuretic, which means that you’ll feel the need to urinate more frequently. Some experts, like registered dietician Katherine Zeratsky, claim that caffeinated drinks don’t increase the risk of dehydration, but it’s still a good idea to drink water to avoid dehydration symptoms. 

Aside from hydrating, you can also grab a healthy snack if you’ve consumed too much caffeine on an empty stomach. This won’t cure you, but can help you feel a bit more grounded when fighting off the jitters. Having caffeine on an empty stomach can lead to feeling its effects faster, which is another contributor to why you may have the jitters. Eating something high in fiber before you drink coffee is a great way to avoid getting too buzzed too fast. 

And finally, if possible, go for a brisk walk to burn off excess energy. This can make you feel a little less amped up, but it technically wont do anything for you in terms of breaking down caffeine. Getting some fresh air and moving around can be good enough to distract you for a few minutes and ease feelings of anxiety caused by the jitters. 

Ways to Consume Caffeine 

Coffee, energy drinks, and even caffeine pills are all common ways that a majority of people consume caffeine. To avoid the jitters, you’ll need to learn how to enjoy caffeine in a way that works best for you and your body. We’ve gathered multiple different ways that you can enjoy caffeine. 


Drinking caffeine is the most common way to consume caffeine. By consuming a beverage containing caffeine, you’ll feel the effects within fifteen minutes to an hour. Many people choose this method of consuming caffeine due to how convenient it is to find coffee, energy drinks, and other caffeinated beverages when they are out and about. 

There are a couple of downsides to drinking your caffeine. Most caffeinated beverages like soda, coffee, and energy drinks are heavy with excess sugar and calories. If you need several pumps of processed sweeteners and creamers to enjoy your coffee, you’ll be adding some empty calories to your daily intake. 

Don’t have a sweet tooth? Drinking your coffee black is much healthier than all of the sweeter options, but it doesn’t make it better for your teeth and breath. You don’t want to end up at a business meeting with coffee breath and stained teeth. If you drink your caffeine, you’ll need to give your teeth extra attention to keep them safe and clean. 

Drinking caffeine is an easy way to control your caffeine intake, but it’s hard to not get carried away at times. Sipping on a sweet elixir with hundreds of mg’s of caffeine can lead to overconsumption and inevitably, the jitters.    

Caffeine Supplements

Caffeine pills are another convenient way to consume your caffeine. Supplements containing caffeine are a good way to store large amounts of the drug and can be more portable than a coffee mug or open can. Another benefit is that if you like your caffeine in a pill form, you don’t have to worry about excess calories and teeth stains from coffee. 

Caffeine supplements have few drawbacks. One downside is that you’ll often be purchasing them in bulk or they’ll be a bit difficult to restock if online shopping isn’t an option for you. Another con is that pills can be tricky to dose correctly depending on your caffeine tolerance. Some caffeine pills come in semi-strong doses, generally around 100-200 mg of caffeine per pill depending on the brand. If you only need a small amount of caffeine to get going, using caffeine pills can certainly lead to getting the jitters. 

Alternative Caffeine Consumption Methods 

Although less common than the prior methods, caffeine can be administered via lozenges, gum, and chew gels. These methods all focus on absorbing caffeine through the buccal mucosa. This is a mucous membrane in your mouth that absorbs nutrients. In layman's terms, you can get caffeine in your system faster from these caffeine methods. 

These methods are generally geared towards athletes who need a caffeine boost on demand. If you are a marathon runner, or training for a triathlon, these products can give you a speedy boost of energy much faster and easier than a cup of coffee. With coffee, you’ll have to down around eight ounces of liquid and hope that it doesn’t upset your stomach during your training. Meanwhile, with a product like caffeine lozenges or gum, an athlete can continue their next lap or set unfazed.  

These methods are perfect for someone who suffers from the jitters frequently. Most of these products allow you to dose your caffeine in small bursts. You’ll also feel the caffeine buzz much quicker, so you can get a fast pick-me-up without waiting over 30 minutes for a pill to kick in. 

While these methods seem like great ways to microdose caffeine to reach your preferred buzz, there exists a new and even more convenient method.

Microdose Your Caffeine With Pzaz: Energy Spray Technology

If you are tired of getting the jitters, caffeine crashes, and want a healthier way to consume your caffeine, Pzaz offers a solution. Pzaz energy mist is a new caffeine product that allows you to get a fast and healthy caffeine buzz in a portable and convenient form. 

Pzaz is perfect for precisely dosing your caffeine while being portable enough to use on the go. Many caffeine consumers end up getting the jitters from underestimating energy drink strength or drinking too much coffee. Pzaz works much faster than coffee or energy drinks by targeting your buccal mucosa so caffeine can get absorbed into your system at a much faster rate. Since you’ll feel the caffeine sooner, you’ll be able to know when you know when you’ve had enough much faster than drinking caffeine. 

How It Works

When you spray Pzaz into your mouth, a majority of the caffeine is absorbed by thin tissue membranes in your mouth. This allows caffeine to enter your bloodstream much faster than waiting for it to be processed in your gut. According to Harvard Health, caffeine in beverage form can take about 45 minutes to process and can peak in your blood between 15 minutes to 2 hours. After a few sprays of Pzaz, however, you’ll feel its effects much quicker and consistently due to the rapid absorption of caffeine through your buccal mucosa.  

What’s Inside of Pzaz

Pzaz is made with vegan ingredients to provide the healthiest way to consume your caffeine. Since the energy mist is free of excess sugars and calories, you don’t have to worry about a sugar crash ruining your day. Pzaz also provides a mix of electrolytes that help keep you hydrated and healthy, further reducing any odds of getting the jitters.   

Avoiding The Jitters with Pzaz

You won’t have to worry about the jitters when you use Pzaz’s energy mist to microdose your caffeine. Since each dose is a small but effective amount of caffeine, you can maintain the same energy level all day long. Coffee, caffeine pills, and other forms of caffeine usually cause a massive spike in energy followed by a heavy crash. That massive spike of energy is what can lead to getting a nasty case of the jitters if you aren’t prepared. 

Pzaz can bring balance to your energy levels instead of putting your body through extreme high and low energy periods. If you find yourself getting the jitters frequently, try microdosing your caffeine to enjoy the buzz without feeling rough. Simply changing how you consume your caffeine can make a huge change in how you feel and can be the key to never having the jitters again. 

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70 sprays. Crisp, clean peppermint. 180mg of caffeine. Pzaz is the most convenient and controlled way to freshen up.
70 sprays. Cool, cold winterment. 180mg of caffeine. Pzaz is the most convenient and controlled way to freshen up.
70 sprays. Sweet, spicy cinnamint. 180mg of caffeine. Pzaz is the most convenient and controlled way to freshen up.
Sample every flavor.
70 sprays. A taste of every flavor. 180mg of caffeine. Pzaz is the most convenient and controlled way to freshen up.
70 sprays. Crisp, clean peppermint. 180mg of caffeine. Pzaz is the most convenient and controlled way to freshen up.
70 sprays. Cool, cold winterment. 180mg of caffeine. Pzaz is the most convenient and controlled way to freshen up.
70 sprays. Sweet, spicy cinnamint. 180mg of caffeine. Pzaz is the most convenient and controlled way to freshen up.
Sample every flavor.
70 sprays. A taste of every flavor. 180mg of caffeine. Pzaz is the most convenient and controlled way to freshen up.
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