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Pzaz for Smokers: How It Helps Neutralize Tobacco Odors

Updated: December 01, 2023
Written by: Pzaz Team


Surprisingly, a staggering 70 percent of women find individuals who smoke repulsive, with 56 percent outright stating that they wouldn't consider dating a smoker. This sentiment is not without reason, as the pervasive odors from smoking are nearly universally disliked. Smoking tobacco is a habit that many individuals find enjoyable, but it often comes with an unwanted side effect: persistent and icky tobacco odors. These odors can linger on your breath, clothing, and surroundings, causing discomfort and potentially affecting your interactions with others. In this blog post, we will explore how Pzaz breath spray was designed to  ultra-effectively neutralize tobacco odors, providing smokers with a convenient solution for combating the negative effects of smoking.

Understanding Tobacco Odors

The distinct smell of tobacco smoke arises from the presence of various chemicals. These chemicals can quickly permeate fabrics, leaving behind a persistent odor that is difficult to eliminate. Additionally, tobacco odors can cling to hair, skin, and breath, causing discomfort and social awkwardness for smokers.

The Power of Pzaz Breath Spray

Men holding pzaz spray with teeeth

If you need to instantly eliminate the stale stench of smoke from your breath, Pzaz breath spray is specially formulated to provide instant and long-lasting freshness. It combines unbelievably strong mint extracts with a controlled kick of caffeine energy, creating a refreshing burst that not only masks tobacco odors but also helps combat the underlying causes of bad breath. Here's how Pzaz breath spray can help neutralize tobacco odors:

  • Peppermint Extract:

Pzaz Breath Spray incorporates extra strong peppermint extract, known for its potent odor-eliminating properties. Peppermint helps to instantly eliminate odors on the tongue and within the mouth, effectively combating the smell of tobacco.

  • Controlled Kick of Caffeine Energy:
In addition to its minty freshness, Pzaz breath spray contains a controlled kick of caffeine energy. While caffeine is commonly associated with beverages like coffee and energy drinks, its presence in breath spray serves a unique purpose. By using caffeine in small bursts throughout the day, Pzaz breath spray provides a gentle energy boost without the crash, jitters, or negative effects on sleep. This controlled energy helps smokers feel refreshed and focused, counteracting the fatigue often associated with smoking.
  • Portable and Convenient:
One of the key advantages of Pzaz breath spray is its portability. The compact size of the spray bottle allows smokers to carry it wherever they go, ensuring that fresh breath and odor elimination are always within reach. Whether you're at work, socializing with friends, or on the go, Pzaz breath spray can be easily stowed in your pocket or bag for instant use. Its convenience makes it an ideal accessory for smokers who want to maintain a fresh and pleasant scent throughout the day.
  • Zero Calorie, No-Sugar Energy:
Some smokers use sugary gums, mints, or candies to try to mitigate bad breath and smells of smoking, but these products can contribute to dental issues and even worse breath and odors.Pzaz breath spray offers a zero-calorie, no-sugar alternative for smokers who are conscious of their calorie intake or concerned about oral health. With Pzaz breath spray, smokers can enjoy the benefits of fresh breath and an energy boost without compromising their overall well-being.

Various Pzaz spray

Tobacco odors can be a persistent challenge for smokers, affecting their breath, clothing, and immediate surroundings. Pzaz breath spray provides smokers with a convenient and effective solution for neutralizing tobacco odors. By combining strong mint extracts and a controlled kick of caffeine energy, Pzaz breath spray instantly freshens breath, kills bacteria, and provides a gentle energy boost. Its portability and zero-calorie formulation make it a practical and healthier alternative to traditional breath fresheners. With Pzaz breath spray, smokers can confidently face their day with fresh breath and a more pleasant environment.

Remember, Pzaz breath spray is not intended to replace smoking cessation methods or eliminate the health risks associated with smoking. It is always advisable to consult with healthcare professionals for guidance on quitting smoking and maintaining overall health.

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Pzaz Breath Spray

4.8 / 5 (780 Reviews)

With 70 refreshing sprays and 180mg of caffeine energy, Pzaz is the most convenient and controlled way to power up.

Access superior oral and mental health with our zero calorie blend of icy fresh peppermint extract, electrolytes, vitamins, and caffeine.

180mg of caffeine per bottle spread across 70 refreshing sprays.

Instantly fresh breath

Zero calorie caffeine

Use as needed with no crash

Energy and focus in your pocket

Refresh your body and mind.
0 Calories
Vitamin B12
0g Sugar
Vitamin C
  • How does Pzaz fix bad breath?

    Pzaz uses extra strong peppermint extract to instantly eliminate odors on your tongue and mouth, helping to kill germs and bacteria that cause tooth decay and plaque.

  • What are the ingredients?

    Pzaz contains zero calories and is sugar-free, dairy-free, gluten-free, and vegan.

    Active ingredients: caffeine, Vitamin B12, Vitamin C, electrolytes.

    Inactive ingredients: water, peppermint and other natural flavors, citric acid, menthol, sucralose and potassium sorbate (for freshness).

  • Why put caffeine in a breath spray?

    By using caffeine in small bursts throughout the day, you can feel energized and focused with no crash, no jitters, and less trouble getting to sleep.

    One bottle of Pzaz (70 sprays) contains 180 mg of caffeine, which is the equivalent of about two large cups of coffee.

    Use three sprays at a time to control your energy all day long without feeling the side effects of excessive caffeine use.

  • How much should I use?

    Enjoy three sprays at a time for a light pick-me-up whenever you’re feeling sluggish, tired, or unfocused.

  • What makes Pzaz a healthy choice?

    Keep Pzaz in your pocket as a healthier, zero-calorie alternative to gum, mints, candy, energy drinks, coffee, soda, and more.

4.8 / 5 (780 Reviews)

Best thing yet!

Paris H.

Verified Customer

I can honestly say this is the best thing yet! For times where trying to make coffee is such a hassle or even when you just need a little boost, this is the product to get it! I get tired throughout the day, so I spray for a pick me up and I feel amazing. I also love how it has vitamins which it’s necessary for your body!

It really Works

Alec S.

Verified Customer

I love using this spray in the morning to help me wake up and get going. The taste is delicious and the caffeine and vitamins give me the energy I need to start my day off right.

Working very well

Aiden F

Verified Customer

I love how I can throw it in my bag and get little boosts of energy throughout my day! It’s not too strong which is great for getting to that optimal caffeinated sweet spot. Plus not having to pee is kind of great.

I love this product!

John S.

Verified Customer

I love this product. I get the caffeine hit basically right away but no jitters and it's not fucking with my stomach the way coffee does. Also, it's so convenient to be able to just throw it in my pocket and have for whenever. Love.

5 sprays and I'm zazzed

Phil C

Verified Customer

Five pumps, zazzed up! My coworkers and I have been loving a new energy alternative. Pzaz gets the job done!

Honestly pretty good

Cole W

Verified Customer

I keep it in my pocket and if I’m working or something and need a little energy I get digging and bam I got caffeine in my pocket. Pretty bitter taste but it doesn’t last long. Not crazy strong. It’s good product yes

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